Vernon L. Smith Young Talent Award in Experimental Finance

The best paper of a junior researcher presented at the SEF conference 2021 will receive the Vernon L. Smith Young Talent Award in Experimental Finance, offered by the Society for Experimental Finance and Chapman University. All full papers (not extended abstracts or drafts that are incomplete) accepted to the conference are eligible, except papers with full professors as main/first authors or with full professors as the majority of authors.

The winning author(s), except co-authors who are full professors, will receive a prize of 8000 USD for future research in Experimental Finance. If there are several co-authors, the prize money is split equally among all authors who are not full professors.

The winning paper will be announced at the conference. The panel members are: Elena Asparouhova (University of Utah), Michael Kirchler (University of Innsbruck), Dave Porter (Chapman University), and Utz Weitzel (VU Amsterdam and Radboud University).

When submitting your paper for presentation at Experimental Finance 2021 please make sure to indicate whether you want your submission to be considered for the award.

The website of the Society for Experimental Finance lists the winners of last year’s award.